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Winter Retreat
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M112 Snowy Retreat Pr600 $18.00
Snowy Retreat 10.96x7.78" 57,735 stitches
Accent Trees 3.13x2.50" 4,381 stitches


M111 Snowy Retreat ULT-D1 $18.00
Snowy Retreat 8.19x5.32" 38,402 stitches
Accent Trees 2.87x2.31" 3,941 stitches


M110 Snowy Retreat 5x7 $18.00
Snowy Retreat 6.98x4.96" 29,722 stitches
Accent Trees 2.41x1.96" 3,231 stitches


M113 Snowy Retreat 4x4 $18.00
Snowy Retreat 3.86x3.87" 15,781 stitches
Accent Trees A 2.19x1.78" 2,994 stitches
Accent Trees B 1.45x1.59" 1,735 stitches





M103 Skating in the Snow Pr600 $18.00
Skating 11.68x7.80" 55,872 stitches


M102 Skating in the Snow ULT-D1 $18.00
Skating 8.15x5.85" 35,282 stitches


M100 Skating in the Snow 5x7 $18.00
Skating 7.02x5.05" 27,638 stitches


M101 Skating in the Snow 4x4 $18.00
Skating 3.87x3.80" 9,597 stitches
Bent Evergreen A 2.42x3.86" 5,488 stitches
Bent Evergreen B 2.45x3.87" 5,665 stitches

Sample 4x4 assembled







M106 Snowy Retreat with Bent Pines Pr600 $18.00
Snowy Retreat 11.71x7.77" 63,890 stitches


M105 Snowy Retreat with Bent Pines ULT-D1 $18.00
Snowy Retreat 8.58x5.87" 41,714 stitches


M104 Snowy Retreat with Bent Pines 5x7 $18.00
Snowy Retreat 6.96x5.08" 38,912 stitches