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Mountain - Esteemed Santa and Tree
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H02-Mountain Santa Set $13.00 USD

Frame only 4.99x6.88" 3,409 stitches
Santa 4.30x6.80" 32,579 stitches
Santa medium 3.48x5.48" 23,595 stitches
Tree large 2.96x4.65" 8,558 stitches
Tree 2.59x3.80" 6,438 stitches
Santa & Frame 4.99x6.88" 32,690 stitches
Tiny Cardinal 0.83x0.46" 210 stitches

7 design files
H03-Esteemed Santa Set $13.00 USD

Santa Brocade Coat 4.03x6.88" 36,329 stitches
Medium 3.39x5.75" 28,504 stitches
Santa plain coat 4.03x6.88" 30,316 stitches
Medium 3.31x5.62" 22,905 stitches
Santa with Pillars 5.06x6.81" 41,742 stitches
Pillars only 5.06x6.81" 7,719 stitches
Pillars only small 3.59x4.83" 4,884 stitches
Plain Tree 2.13x3.79" 5,380 stitches
Plain Tree large 2.65x4.66" 7,668 stitches


H02 and H03 Sew out Example


This beautiful table
runner was created
by Brenda Houlihan.

Thank You  Brenda

      H113 H114 link              



H133 Christmas Tree Set 8 files $15.00


with Cardinals
4x4 2.42x3.89"
5x7 4.31x6.95"
Ult-d1 5.30x8.80"
4000-Pr600 6.94x11.33"

with Cardinals and Snowflakes
4x4 2.76x3.92
5x7 5.01x6.93"
Ult-d1 5.80x8.13"
4000-Pr600 6.93x9.70"




Sewn out


of H133


This beautiful table centerpiece was created by Brenda Houlihan.

Thank You  Brenda 





H149 Birch Logs and Cardinal Set 4 Files $15.00


Sewn out Example of H149


4x4 3.89x3.40"
5x7 5.80x5.05"

Ult-d1 6.71x5.84"
Pr600-4000 7.99x6.96"