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BuzzTools displays "corrupted file"
When a Pe-Design file version 
2.0 is brought into BuzzTools version 
3.04 or earlier you will get the 
"corrupted file" message. You need to 
update BuzzTools to Version 3.10 or 
newer. The update is available from

Changing the PE-DESIGN 2 format
1. You must have BuzzTools+ Version 3.15
2. Under Tools select
"PES Version2 to Version1"
V. 3.15 Converts to PES V1 in one step

"Corrupted file" conversion program
When a file is larger than your hoop size you
could get the "corrupted file" message.
Corrupted file can mean:
1. The hoop is too small for the design.
2. The PES file version is newer than the
 conversion program can convert.
3. Something changed the file as it traveled
 the internet to you. Win Zip will normall
 report an error for this problem.

File formats

ART ..Bernina
ASD ..Melco
BMP .Windows Bitmaps
CSD ..Poem/ Singer EU / Viking Huskygram
EXP ..DOS Expanded
DST ..Tajima
JEF ...Janome New Home / Elna
HUS ..Viking Husqvarna
PCD ..Pfaff
PCS ..Pfaff
PCQ .Pfaff
PEC ..Baby Lock / Bernina  / Brother
PEL ..Baby Lock / Bernina / Brother
PES ..Baby Lock / Bernina / Brother
SEW .Janome New Home / Elna
TXT .Text Documents
XXX .Singer PSW / Compulon