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H093 Vintage Santa with Pony Pr600 $21.00
Santa 11.64x7.79" 63,200 stitches
Pony 2.83x2.55" 4,947 stitches

H090 Vintage Santa with Pony ULT-D1 $21.00
Santa 6.19x10.15"51,331 stitches
Pony 2.58x2.33" 4,432 stitches

H087 Vintage Santa with Pony 5x7 $21.00
Santa 4.72x7.04"31,829 stitches
Pony 2.23x2.01" 3,676 stitches







H094 Old world Santa with Toy bag Pr600 $21.00
Santa 11.69x6.91" 89,192 stitches
Toy Bag 2.74x2.75" 8,299 stitches

H091 Old world Santa with Toy bag ULT-D1 $21.00
Santa 5.56x9.43" 64,014 stitches
Toy Bag 2.58x2.60" 7,790 stitches

H088 Old world Santa with Toy bag 5x7 $21.00
Santa 4.14x7.01" 41,265 stitches
Toy Bag 2.39x2.41" 7,077 stitches




H095 Old world Santa Singing Pr600 $21.00
Santa 10.95x7.65" 89,779 stitches
Wreath 2.48x2.56" 3,774 stitches
Music notes 6.96x2.36" 1,910 stitches

H092 Old world Santa Singing ULT-D1 $21.00
Santa 5.83x8.16" 59,680 stitches
Wreath 2.20x2.28" 3,164 stitches
Music notes 6.19x2.09" 1,752 stitches

H089 Old world Santa Singing 5x7 $21.00
Santa 4.96x6.97" 46,233 stitches
Wreath 1.89x1.97" 2,627 stitches
Music notes 3.78x1.26" 1,190 stitches



H105 Old World Santa Heads 6 Files $20.00

2.53x2.55" 8,032 stitches 2.32x2.62" 9,161 stitches 2.16x2.40" 7,433 stitches
2.30x2.32" 7,308 stitches 1.93x2.17" 7,296 stitches 1.64x1.82" 5,748 stitches



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