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M202 Fancy Rounds 12 files $15.00

All 12 fancy rounds are about 3x3" in size.

Size information for M202 Link

M202-Fancy Rounds set

These stylish designs are quick sewing and can add a great touch
to anything that they are sewn on. The light catches the different stitch
directions to add a nice dimension to the designs. The designs are
great sewn in any color and can be grouped in many ways or used singly.

Sewn out examples of M197







M197 Swan Song 4 files $15.00

5x7 Light water stitching
6.74x5.04" 20,218 stitches
5x7 Solid water stitching
6.76x5.03" 26,314 stitches
4x4 Light water stitching
3.92x3.89" 9,496 stitches
4x4 Solid water stitching
3.93x3.89" 12,267 stitches

M197-Swan Song

I have provided *2 versions of both the 4x4 and the 5x7 size designs.
The 1st version has a "light density" water, with less stitches and with
the 2 layers of water colors in different configurations. This form of
the design would look best on fabrics with no nap. (woven or knit)
In this version, there is no underlayment stitching that would show
through the lighter top layers of stitching. 

The 2nd version will say "solid water" in the name. That means
that the water is done with normal density and could easily be
sewn on fabrics that have a nap.  (such as towels, etc..)
This "solid" water is sewn with gradation....2 color layers.
The edges of the water area are more "solid looking".

Sewn out examples of M197




Example layout using M098  

M098 Black Delight Design Set 12 files $15.00



Size and file information link

Example layout using M098  

Click for a larger image of the file information





Fancy Round

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