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Caution Before you check out:  

  1. Click on the Update button.
  2. Make sure that the quantity is 1 for each Design. (change to one if needed)
  3. Review each designs description. (Double checking your order)
  4. This is when you can remove a design or go back and add another design.
  5. ALWAYS Click the Update button before checking out.  


5x7 6.92x4.96" 34,721 stitches

4x4 3.87x3.86" 18,316 stitches

M200 Bird of Blue Set 2 files $16.00

M200 5x7 Sewn out Examples

M200 4x4 Sewn out Examples



M179 Sewn example (front)

M179 Sewn example (back)

M179 Resting Bird Set 8 files $15.00


Bird on branch 5x7 7.01x5.04" 23,926 stitches
Bird alone Large 5x7 5.79x3.50" 9,103 stitches
Bird alone Small 5x7 4.06x2.46" 5,947 stitches
Accent Branch 3.29x4.22" 7,342 stitches
Floral Accent  1.89x2.19" 2,843 stitches
Floral Accent simple 1.10x1.04" 1,075 stitches
Accent Butterfly large 1.86x1.08" 813 stitches
Accent Butterfly small 1.50x0.87" 630 stitches


M179 Alternant Color example

If you wish to have the design to
have a different look,try using a
deep sky blue in place of the
Lilac thread, and a seafoam
green in place of the lavender
thread.This is an example of what
the design would look like if sewn
with these alternate colors.





Instructions are included with your order.
M120-Bookmark Corner instructions:
(Once you have sewn out one bookmark, you will more easily do any more of the bookmarks that you wish to sew.)
1.   Hoop 1 layer of "tear-away" OR heavy weight "rinse-away" stabilizer so it is nice and smooth and tight. This is the only layer that you  will hoop, so choose a good quality of stabilizer that will hold up to all the rest of the stitching that is around the edges of the bookmark.
2.   Lay 1 layer of "cut-away" stabilizer OVER the the hooped layer. (this is NOT hooped)
3.   Lay 1 piece of the chosen top fabric over the loose layer of stabilizer and the hooped stabilizer.  (There should now be 2 loose layers over the hooped stabilizer)
4.   The first color stop is just to secure the can be sewn in the color that the final outer satin edges will be sewn with. You will now sew everything until the PURPLE color stop, which is a narrow zigzag.
5.    Take the hoop out of the machine.  NO NOT UNHOOP!!! Gently CUT the buttonhole shape open......being careful not to cut the satin stitch edge.  Put the hoop back into the machine.   
6.    Lay 1 piece of "cut-away" stabilizer UNDER the hoop.
7.    Lay 1 piece of fabric on the very bottom underneath everything.........make sure that the "good" side of the fabric is facing down. Keep it all smooth and straight.
8.    Sew the narrow zigzag, which is the purple color stop.........BUT use the color that the satin stitch edging will be done with. (this depends on the design you are sewing, as the various designs have different colored satin stitch edging.)
9.    Take the hoop out of the machine after the narrow zig-zag has sewn. CAREFULLY cut ONLY the two top layers and then the two bottom layers very close to the narrow zigzag stitching. **DO NOT cut the tear away (or Rinse-away) stabilizer layer, as that is what will be holding your bookmark in place to do the final edge stitching.  Do not loosen that layer of stabilizer as you do the cutting10.  Place the hoop back into the machine and sew the final color stop, which is 2 rounds of stitching......the first will be a lighter satin stitch and then the wider, more dense satin stitch will sew second...I have included a short line of running stitches at the very end of the satin stitches so that the satin stitches are unlikely to unwind as the bookmark is used.    There is nothing to do until ALL these stitches have sewn and the machine stops.
11.  Take the hoop out of the machine and gently tear away the "tear-away" or "rinse-away" stabilizer. You may wish to cut away any little "whiskers" that show at this  time.   **Be careful not to cut any of the satin stitches.  If desired, you can use some "Fray Check" on the buttonhole cut edge and the satin stitch edge, but it is not something you have to do.
12.   The bookmark slips over the corner of the page to be marked by placing the page corner through the "buttonhole" shape.  The extra layers of stabilizer are used so that there is a nice firm bookmark when you are finished.
13.    ENJOY!!!!

M120 Bookmark Corner Set 13 designs $16.00
Some where around 3.5x3.8" and 5,000 stitches






Bird of Blue Accent Sample


Heart with Wings