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This is a photo of what Carol did with the Flutterbye set of designs.
Her name is Carol Crouch, and she lives in Richmond, Virginia

M155 Example Sew out

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Design sets for Sale
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  2. Make sure that the quantity is “1” for each Design. (change to one if needed)
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M155 Flutterbye Design
Set 21 files $18.00
4x4 hoop


M155 Example Sew out


"Becky Trigg created this beautiful
"screening" bag using the Flutterbye
designs. Thanks, Becky, for letting
us show the fantastic project!"

This beautiful purse was created by Saralee Bowles. She used mostly metallic threads for the
Flutterbyes. Thank you, Saralee, for sharing the photos of your beautiful purse.



M181-Delicate set 

This set is quick sewing with
no jumps in each design.
The designs are all one color.
These designs are artistic
versions of various
flying "animals".
The designs look nice sewn
in most any color.


M181 Delicate Flight Set 8 designs $13.00

3.06x2.72 2,144 stitches
3.42x3.16" 2,196 stitches
2.76x2.40" 2,2022 stitches
3.58x2.45" 1,015 stitches
3.81x3.59" 2,759 stitches
3.27x2.72" 2,144 stitches
2.22x2.45" 1,015 stitches
2.97x2.45" 1,015 stitches


Sewn out examples of M181 for larger images click here





Delicate Flying Bug

 Down Load Now



M158 Adirondack Chair Scene 16 files $20.00
The files are split into two sets of 8. For the 4x4 and 5x7 hoop size.


M158 Sew Out Examples

File 4x4 Hoop 5x7 Hoop  
Beverage 0.55x0.93" 551 stitches 0.78x1.38" 840 stitches  
Chair 3.88x3.54" 11,781 stitches 5.34x4.87" 18,197 stitches  
Geranium 1.12x1.32" 3,035 stitches 1.65x1.96" 4,558 stitches  
Grass 1.12x0.68" 335 stitches 2.07x1.23" 687 stitches  
Sand 3.89x0.72" 681 stitches 7.02x1.16" 1,726 stitches  
Straw Hat 1.07x1.18" 1,386 stitches 1.59x1.74" 2,469 stitches  
Sun 3.11x1.77" 1,124 stitches 4.77x2.77" 2,424 stitches  
Umbrella 3.84x3.91" 6,864 stitches 5.00x5.09" 10,653 stitches  


Example arrangement




M156 Sew Out Examples

M156 Flip Flop Charm Pendant
Set 4 files $3.00


0.72x1.82" 2,523 stitches
0.52x1.37" 1,752 stitches
0.67x1.82" 2,248 stitches
0.49x1.38" 1,566 stitches






Summer Diary Set 2 files use with the
Adirondack set or as you like.

Download Now