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Decorative Flourishes
© 2002

The Files are in PES format.
PayPal Will Email your information to us and We will Email the file to you.


When selecting a design, please pay close attention to the file's hoop size.
D1  Designer 1, ** in PES format **
ULT  New Brother Hoop size
5x7  any 5"x7" hoop
4x4  any 4"x4" hoop

Caution Before you check out:  

 1. Click on the Update button.
Make sure that the quantity is “1” for each Design. (change to one if needed)
 3. Review each design’s description. (Double checking your order)
 4. This is when you can remove a design or go back and add another design.
ALWAYS Click the Update button before checking out.  


D01&D02 jpgD01&D02A jpg
D01 and D02 designs

D01 Glorious Lacy Pillow ULT size $15.00 
1 Color 6.27x10.15" 45,991stitches
3 Color 6,27x10.15" 45,991 stitches
       D02 Glorious Lacy Pillow D1 size $15.00
 1 Color 5.37x9.37" 41,361 stitches
 3 Color 5.82x9.42" 41,473 stitches


D03 D04 &D07 jpgD03 D04 & D07 B jpg

D03, D04, and D07 designs

D03 Glorious Neckline ULT $10.00 
1) 10.02x5.29" 10,733 stitches 
2)  9.99x4.95" 10,620 stitches 
   D04 Glorious Neckline 5x7 $10.00 
1) 6.99x3.69" 8,257 stitches 
2) 6.99x3.46" 8,169 stitches  
   D07 Glorious Neckline D1 $10.00 
1) 9.43x4.98" 10,267 stitches 
2) 9.41x4.66" 10,145 stitches 


D05 D06 jpg

D5 and D6 designs

D05 Glorious Single 4x4 $5.00
3.83x3.17' 3,705 STITCHES
  D06 Glorious Single 5x7 $6.00
6.03x4.97' 5,197 STITCHES



D12 jpg 4-15-2001
D12 Awakening Round ULT $10.00
7.15x6.17" 22,253 stitches



d13c jpg d13b jpg d13 jpg
4x4 and 5x7
D13 Awakening Design Set $7.00
Coaster 3.47x3.49 7,103 stitches
Oval 4x4 3.91x2.43" 6,321 stitches
Oval 5x7 6.15x3.45" 8,123 stitches
Rose 5x7 3.19x6.80" 9,411 stitches



d14 d15 jpg d14 d15 d16 jpg d14 d15 d16 b jpg
D14 Awakening ULT Design set $15.00
10.14x6.22" 18,839 stitches
10.15x4.69" 16,114 stitches
10.10x4.71" 12,252 stitches
D15 Awakening D1 Design set $15.00
9.39x5.76" 17,620 stitches
9.44x4.37" 14,987 stitches
9.40x4.38" 11,223 stitches


d14 d15 d16 a jpg d14 d15 d16 b jpg
D16 Awakening 5x7 Design set $10.00
6.98x3.23" 9,421 stitches
7.00x3.25" 8,330 stitches



Sew out Sample

d17 jpg
D17 sample jpg
D17 Awakening Half Pillow Front $10.00
 D1 9.57x5.77" 22,811 stitches
ULT 10.11x6.10" 23,982 stitches






free sunshine jpg
Free Sunshine 5x7 and ULT
6.96X4.98" 10,830 stitches
6.19x8.79" 13,082 stitches