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Floral 6 2003
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F138 Wild Daisies (Skirt hem) by Dottie Guillon.

F138-Wild Daisies 5x7 ULT-D1 Set 2 Files $18.00
5x7 6.92x4.89" 21,587 stitches 10 thread changes 9 colors
ULT-D1 8.29x5.86" 27,327 stitches 10 thread changes 9 colors











F155-Pocket Full-O-Dasies-Posies $10.00
Dasies 4.95x6.80" 8,952 stitches 6 thread changes 5 colors
 Posies 4.78x6.83" 14,702 stitches 6 thread changes 6 colors 







Sew out Example


**Colors # 1, 2, & 3 are the flowers. Sew as usual.

**Color #4 is the guide stitching to show you where  to place the pocket fabric. 
It is best to use the same color thread as the fabric you are sewing the design onto.

**Prepare the pocket fabric:
You can use a piece of "pocket" fabric that you have sewn the top hem edge on 
previously, OR you can just turn down the raw edge of the fabric 2 times so that 
the raw edge is totally enclosed. I recommend a one inch wide "turn down" for the 
upper edge of the pocket. The top edge of the pocket should be on the straight 
grain of the fabric, NOT the bias.
Then place that turned down fabric pocket piece face up onto the guide line of 
sewing and make sure that the top edge of the fold is right at the guide stitching. 
I use a spritz of embroidery spray adhesive to help me keep the fabric in the proper 
position. It is also wise to pin the piece in place......make sure to avoid the area that 
the needle will sew. The pocket should be sitting right at the sewn guide stitches 
on the top edge.

**Color #5 is the tack down for the fabric for the pocket. Use the color thread that
you will be sewing the final # 6 satin stitch with....they should match in color.

**After the fabric is sewn down, remove the hoop from the machine and trim the 
excess pocket fabric away, cutting very close to the tack down stitching. Then put 
the hoop back into the machine.

**Color #6 is the final satin stitch that will put the finishing touch on your pocket. 
You're Done!