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F303 Lovely leaf FSL and vine set 25 files $10.00



Detail size information for F303


Sewn out example of F303


F303-Lovely Leaf FSL leaves and vines set

You can use the leaves by themselves to attach "here and there" to garments, tote bags, table linens, etc, OR you can attach them as desired along the embroidered "vine branches" that are included in the set.

 The set contains 4 sizes of leaves, and the 4 sizes of leaves also come both with and without the stem attached. (You may wish to use the leaves without the little attached stem at the vine tips. That is what I chose to do.)

The leaves sew out beautifully on a RINSEAWAY stabilizer like Vilene or Solvy. (I used Vilene to sew out the site sample)

The leaves can be rinsed out and dried before attaching to the base fabric or vine, OR you can attach them to the base fabric first and then launder.

There are many sizes and styles of vine branches included in the set for you to embroider on the base fabric before attaching any of the leaves.

 **To attach the leaves, use whatever color thread you sewed them out with. Then, you can either tack them down by hand OR you can sew next to the center vein with a line of straight stitches using a sewing machine. On this site sample, I sewed them on both ways, and both ways work equally well. (The machine sewing was easier for me)  A light tack stitch or zig-zag stitch can be used to fasten down the leaf stem.

The leaves give a lovely 3-D look and will launder well.
(the sewn site sample was laundered before the photo was taken so you can see how nice the leaves launder) After laundering, just shape the leaves as desired.

I have provided many different vine stems for you to embroider out on the base fabric, and then you could add the leaves wherever you wish them to be. You be the designer!

The designs would look great when sewn other colors......and how about scattering some crystals around here and there in the background to add more texture!





F304 Exotic Flower Set 12 files $16.00



F304 Size and Detail information Link


Sewn out example of F304




4 of each in the Design Set

4 of each in the Design Set


F302 Great Greens
Design Set 28 files $15.00

3 of each in the Design Set



Detail size information
for F302


Sewn out examples of F302





Detail size information
on the 36 files

1 large image

F290 Floral Chain Design Set 36 files $15.00
This set has designs for the 4x4, 5x7, Pr600,
innovis 4000d, Ult and d1.

Larger images of
the 36 Files





Sewn out Examples of F290


1 Large example of the F290 files.


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Great Greens


Exotic Flower