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F278 Spring Blossoms Set 6 files $12.00


4x4 larger 3.87x3.03" 13,861 stitches
5x7 larger 5.85x4.58" 24,111 stitches
Accent large 2.35x2.46" 6,565 stitches
4x4 smaller 3.07x2.40" 10,364 stitches
5x7 smaller 5.25x4.09" 20,653 stitches
Accent small 1.66x1.73" 4,138 stitches

Sewn out Examples of F278



F278-Spring Blossoms

 I sewed this site sample before I added the little satin edges to some of the flower petals.
The flowers have a more 3-D look with the satin edges that I added.


F278-Spring Blossoms
This arrangement would be lovely for a neckline. 
Using the larger groups of blossoms (mirrored),
along with the accent design, will create a beautiful floral look.



F278 Spring Blossoms

You can arrange multiple
copies of the larger group
of flowers into a wreath.
By mirroring every other
flower group and moving
them to a pleasing position,
a lovely wreath can be
created. If desired, the
smaller accent floral design
can be added to any
area you might wish.




2.49x2.91" 2,456 stitches
3.37x3.48" 3,268 stitches




3.32x3.37" 2,052 stitches
2.90x3.02" 1,886 stitches

1.74x2.57" 1,082 stitches
1.37x2.24" 832 stitches
1.30x2.45" 600 stitches
1.81x2.57" 682 stitches

F279 Flower Spree Set 8 files $7.00







Sewn out
of F275.

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sizes of
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F275 Lite Flower Set 18 files $15.00



F275-Lite Floral set

The density of these designs is less than full density.  (why I chose to use "Lite" in the name.)
When using light density, there is no under sewing under the sewn areas that would show through the fill.
The designs can be sewn on sheer type things (using proper rinse-away stabilizing)
and most of the stitches will not be too heavy to drape nicely.
But, the designs also look great sewn on regular fabrics, too. Just be sure to use a good stabilizer.

 These designs also look great when sewn in all one color!



 Sewn out Examples of F275.




 Sewn out Example of
 F275 in one color.









Small version of Flower Spree

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Lite Rainbow Sample

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