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Note the Butterfly is not in the hollyhock design file. The butterfly can be sewn out in the position of your choice.




F218 Sample Sew outs

F218 Fresh Hollyhock Set 6 files $16.00
Hollyhock 5x7
2.76x7.02" 24,116 stitches
Hollyhock Pr600  4.47x11.63" 49,371 stitches
Hollyhock ULT-d1 3.70x9.42" 36,244 stitches
Butterfly large 3.17x2.38" 3,848 stitches
Butterfly medium 2.68x2.00" 3,150 stitches
Butterfly small 2.09x1.56" 2,312 stitches



F218 Sample Sew out








Note the Butterfly is not in the hollyhock design file. The butterfly can be sewn out in the position of your choice.



Sew out Sample

Other Thread Color Choices

F219 Precious Hollyhock Set 6 files $15.00


Hollyhock 4x4 2.16x3.86" 12,482 stitches
Hollyhock 5x7  3.83x6.84" 27,371 stitches
Hollyhock 5x7 3.18x5.69" 20,863 stitches
Butterfly large 2.43x2.95" 3,979 stitches
Butterfly medium 2.13x2.51" 3,280 stitches
Butterfly small 1.46x1.72" 2,155 stitches













Sew out Sample

F220 Fern Set 9 files $15.00


Fresh Fern 4x4 2.40x3.85" 5,775 stitches
Fresh Fern 5x7 large 2.64x6.79" 10,421 stitches
Fresh Fern 5x7 medium 3.30x5.31" 7,684 stitches
Fresh Fern Pr600 7.05x11.34" 20,864titches
Fresh Fern Ult-D1 5.73x9.20" 15,654titches
Whispy Fern 4x4 lage 3.18x3.87" 2,597 stitches
Whispy Fern 4x4 smaller 2.44x2.97" 2,068 stitches
Whispy Fern 5x7 lage 4.98x6.06" 3,609 stitches
Whispy Fern 5x7 smaller 3.98x4.84" 3,004 stitches



F220 Fern Sew out Sample on a Table runner.


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