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F283 Leafy Rose Design Set 9 files $16.00



*CLICK HERE* to see individual sizes


F283-Leafy Rose

The roses look good in other colors as well as what the designs
are digitized with. (such as yellows, or lavenders, or whites)
 Just choose 3 depths of colors for the rose petals: a darker,
medium, and somewhat lighter shade of whatever color you choose.
 The rose can also be sewn in all one depth of color, as there is
definition from the change in stitch direction as well as the
satin stitch areas.


Sewn out Examples of F283



 Sewn out Example F261

 Sewn out Example F261

F261 Pretty Petunias Set 3 files $12.00


5x7 5.05x6.96" 28,859 stitches
4x4 single 3.89x3.89" 12,889 stitches
Accent 2.52x1.28" 1,690 stitches


    Sewn out Example F261  





F207 Morning Tulip 4x4 Set 3 files $15.00
4x4 3.85x2.73" 8,395 stitches
Butterfly small 1.97x1.46" 2,197 stitches
Butterfly large 2.69x2.00" 3,191 stitches

Sample Sew Out of the Morning Tulip

F208 Morning Tulip 5x7 Set 3 files $15.00
5x7 6.98x4.91" 17,040 stitches
Butterfly small 2.25x1.67" 2,576 stitches
Butterfly large 2.94x2.18" 3,587 stitches

F209 Morning Tulip Pr600 Set 3 files $15.00
Pr600 10.93x7.70" 31,939 stitches
Butterfly small 2.50x1.85" 2,197 stitches
Butterfly large 3.28x2.43" 4,138 stitches



F210 Morning Tulip ULT - D1 Set 3 files $15.00
ULT - D1 8.27x5.82" 21,423 stitches
Butterfly small 2.30x1.70" 2,665 stitches
Butterfly large 3.05x2.26" 3,758 stitches



Sample Sew Out of the Morning Tulip




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