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Fall 18
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The Files are in PES format. PayPal will Email your
information to us and We will Email the file to you.

Caution Before you check out:  

 1. Click on the Update button.
Make sure that the quantity is “1” for each Design. (change to one if needed)
 3. Review each design’s description. (Double checking your order)
 4. This is when you can remove a design or go back and add another design.
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* There are 2 sizes of each design. Only one size is shown.


F295 Autumn Jewels Design Set 18 Files $15.00

F295-Autumn Jewels set

There are 18 files in this set.
You will receive 2 sizes
of each design.
Both sizes fit into the 4x4 hoop


 Link: for design sizes

Sewn out Example of F295








F294 Maple Leaf Variations Design Set 8 files $12.00



Link: for design sizes


Sewn out Example
of F294 





* There are 3 sizes of each design. Only one size is shown for the Curling and Straight design.


F292 Autumn Splendor
Design Set 24 Files $20.00


There are 3 sizes of the Curling and Straight
Designs as well. Link: for design sizes
Larger image Link

F292-Autumn Splendor

I have tried to provide all that would be needed to allow you to be very creative with this set of designs.
By sewing one curved design and then adding another one that was turned 90 degrees, (and
adjusting the position of the curve to blend with the first one) you can make a lovely wreath.
Using the curved design plus the straight design going up from each end,
you can create a lovely look on the ends of a table runner.
The added little mushrooms, acorn, half leaf, and dried grass designs can give you endless
possibilities for both clothing and home dec embroderies.


Wreath example

The outline of the hoop positions
are shown for reference.


Sewn out Example of F292


This fabulous tablecloth project was
done by Brenda Houlihan. Thank you,
Brenda, for letting us show your
wonderful tablecloth you created.
You really did showcase the
designs beautifully.

Arrangements used in this tablecloth




F293 Autumn Drape Design set 4 files $12.00

4x4 hoop 3.36x3.80" 9,797 stitches
5x7 hoop 5.04x5.72" 17,031 stitches
Pr6000 innovis 4000d 6.98x7.93" 27,176 stitches
ULT D1 5.83x6.63" 20,895 stitches


Sew out Examples of F293


Arrangement examples of F293







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Autumn Jewels Berries


Autumn Leaf 3 sizes