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Fall 17
Design set For Sale

© 2006

The Files are in PES format. PayPal will Email your
information to us and We will Email the file to you.

Caution Before you check out:  

 1. Click on the Update button.
Make sure that the quantity is “1” for each Design. (change to one if needed)
 3. Review each design’s description. (Double checking your order)
 4. This is when you can remove a design or go back and add another design.
ALWAYS Click the Update button before checking out.  

F268 Leaf Delicacy 12 Files $10.00

6 files for the 4x4 Hoop

6 files for the 5x7 Hoop

Sew out Examples of F268






F269 Whispy Leaf Set 16 Files $14.00

All 16 files sized for the 4x4 Hoop

Sew out Examples of F269






F270 Leaf
12 Files


F270 Leaf Surround Set 12 Files $12.00



Sew outs

of F270


Sample Sew outs of F270

  See the pillow examples by F271




F271-Vine Impression set

These designs can also be sewn out with
variagated threads if the variagations are"slow"
color change. Almost any color can be used
successfully with these designs. The leaves
are not heavy density and are perfect for
almost any project.

Sew out color examples


F271 Vine Impression Set 8 Files $10.00

4x4 3.55x3.63"
4x4 2.11x1.89"
4x4 3.88x1.94"
Pr600 innovis 4000 11.24x2.06"
5x7 4.69x6.32"
5x7 4.42x6.90"
5x7 6.28x2.06"
Ult d1 8.72x2.06"


Thanks so much to Brenda Houlihan for making such wonderful projects using the "F270-Leaf
Surround" and "F271-Vine Impression" sets of designs.
* Brenda used variagated threads for many of the designs, which gives such a lovely look!
I am not a quilter, so I have a great appreciation for the quilted projects that she is able to
create using my designs. 
Her help with these projects is greatly appreciated!




Sewn out Example of
F271 on a T-shirt using
variagated peach thread.





Down Load Now

Vine Impression Sample 1.58x1.17"



Leaves Word Download 4x4 and 5x7

Down load Now


Down load Now

Leaves Sample Design Set