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S091 Covered Bridge Mecca ULT and d1 3 files $18.00

Summer 8.14x5.81 67,204 stitches 17 colors
Fall 8.14x5.84" 68,975 stitches 18 colors
Winter 8.25x5.84" 52,627 stitches 13 colors


S092 Covered Bridge Mecca 5x7 3 files $18.00

Summer 6.91x4.93 52,060 stitches 17 colors
Fall 6.80x4.91" 52,219 stitches 18 colors
Winter 7.06x4.98" 40,704 stitches 13 colors


 Sewn out examples

S091 and S092 Sewn out example



S089 Covered Bridge Mill Creek ULT and d1 3 files $18.00

Spring 8.11x5.86 63,101 stitches 17 colors
Fall 8.12x5.85" 64,494 stitches 16 colors
Winter 8.83x5.52" 46,516 stitches 13 colors


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S090 Covered Bridge Mill Creek 5x7 3 files $18.00

Spring 7.00x5.06 50,566 stitches 17 colors
Fall 6.98x5.05" 52,008 stitches 16 colors
Winter 6.97x4.60" 32,033 stitches 13 colors


2 Sewn out examples

S089 and S090 Sewn out example




S093 Covered Bridge West Union 5x7 3 files $18.00

Summer 7.04x5.02 48,670 stitches 16 colors
Fall 7.04x4.98" 49,850 stitches 19 colors
Winter 7.03x5.00" 44,648 stitches 12 colors


S094 Covered Bridge West Union ULT-d1 3 files $18.00

Spring 8.15x5.82 60,632 stitches 16 colors
Fall 8.19x5.85" 60,847 stitches 19 colors
Winter 8.21x5.85" 56,041 stitches 12 colors

S093 and S094 Sewn out example



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Covered Bridge Word 5x7 hoop sample