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These bibs are made entirely in the 
hoop, even attaching the ribbon ties.

M090 Baby Bib ULT Set 7 designs $20.00

7 files around 6.2x6.6" 11,000 stitches

M092 Baby Bib D1 Set 7 designs $20.00

7 files around 5.8x6.2" 10,000 stitches

M093 Baby Bib 5x7 Set 7 designs $20.00
7 files around 5.5x5.0" 9,000 stitches

This size is suitable for very 
small babies or "preemies".


Sewout samples page
These bibs are made entirely 
in the hoop, even attaching 
the ribbon ties.

Download sewout images
Donated by Sandra Powers.
3 minute download with
a 56K modem.